Compound semiconductors: Physics, technology and device concepts (summer term 2009)

Lecture: monday 08:00-10:00 in room 43.2.102

First lecture: Monday April 20 at 08:00h

Exercises: wednesday 15:00-17:00 in room 47.2.102

(Notice: Some Lectures will be at wednesdays, some seminar talks will be at mondays.)

Schedule (may be discussed in the lecture)

Language: English (t.b.d.)
4 Credit Points

Final Exam:
The final exam of this lecture is an oral exam. Please arrange a date for this exam directly with Prof. Scholz, when you are ready to go.

The lecture covers physics and technology of modern compound semiconductors with major focus on III-V compounds like GaAs and related materials. These semiconductors are indispensable for modern optoelectronic devices like LEDs (all color visible, infrared, ultraviolet), laser diodes, photodetectors etc. where silicon is useless due to its indirect band structure. Moreover, they find applications as high frequency electronic devices in modern communication systems like mobile phones etc. In the lecture, we will discuss the physics which enables these applications, the preparation of the materials, epitaxial structures and devices and some particular characterisation methods.

Script to lecture:

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Short talks (20min) of the students to special topics.
Some hints how to prepare your talk.
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